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梁家辉太太|诺雅斐诗"Pardon, Lord, custom." Giffin nodded with a wry smile: "in fact to Zhou Yuzhi can, if he resist, do not have too much power to prevent sun quan, but in that case, jiangdong will be split, millions of years of work is not enough to calm, but jiangdong, now I have no time to experience a change, and zhou yu didn't also the ambition, sun quan, it has been two years in silence as well as cultivating their bases, therefore, jiangdong have loomed, although has not been intensified, but is gradually sharp, even when zhou yu didn't this idea, but the former veteran will not consciously safeguard the interests of the zhou yu.""Be." The nighthawk saluted little Joe and disappeared out the door."Swish ~"

"There's no need to worry about it. I've got a way to get it back." Lv bu looked at jia xu and they both laughed."Mengda ~!"Unfortunately, zhang ren refused to surrender. Otherwise, he would have achieved twice the result with half the effort." Secretariat office in chengdu, pang called people negotiate protection, wei yan's some sighs, he worked with zhang as before in Jia sprouting, who fight are not under the wei especially depends on the terrain in the shu, can even be an edge on wei, wei is quite a headache, were it not for pang tong, France is maneuver, this time against the LangZhong camp people, even if chengdu messed up, as long as zhang ren in LangZhong, wei has the possibility to break LangZhong within short time.梁家辉太太|"Traitor?" The e smile smiled at liu zhang: "I have been your saddle horse for 20 years, but you take advantage of my absence, fornyou my wife, but also secretly murder me, also asked me why pestered, son can do

梁家辉太太|"You...... He pointed at them trembling, and glanced at meng da, not knowing for a moment what to sayPut up in chengdu after the fall of resolutely surrender veteran yan yan, zhuge liang's face did not have too much after the victory of joy, thought that road into shu is a royal road to learning, however, the sudden fall of chengdu, let zhuge liang plan completely disrupted, and appear the guanzhong team in chengdu, more let ZhuGeLiangXin sorrow.Zhuge liang to zhou yu people around but touched bottom, the lv meng is not hand-picked, but zhou yu's ability is not outstanding at the beginning, but with zhou yu's side for many years, but learned a lot of skill, if before, lv meng was a minor worry, that today, lv meng even if not equal to zhou yu, but also to compare present any a star, of course, this is not the various ge is bright really worry about.

"Let him in." Deng xian glanced at liuAlone is a tiger firmly shut, those deadly western soldiers have not let a person very headache, unlike the que close there, seibel here have begun to keep for attack, want to break the walls of cao cao's side, although to drive them down several times, but this is no ordinary mad help western man, liu bei fired today, jun left to stomach, faced with the pressures of a lyu3 bu4, even's these specialist, all feel have no confidence."You...... "Liu frowns at meng da, some puzzled, this meng da is not liu zhang's heart Why save yourself.梁家辉太太|





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