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唐人社原名美国十次|美国傲搏"I know general peng want to gallop on the battlefield, but now the prime minister is busy in the northern war, liu bei, lombardi, simply unable to look west, we can mobilize military forces, lyu3 bu4 has now become a climate, temporarily not straight tassel its front." The middle-aged scribe said with a smile as he watched the young warrior lose some of his spirits."No more." Lyu3 bu4 smiled and said, "Without hay, d and candidate morale will be scattered, what else? Find a place, ambush d, first put this all the way."

"Wild goose gate zhang liao here, Korea hence old thief, also don't commit suicide to apologize!" In the battle array, the first general in the hands of steel gun sprinkled with cold stars, passing by, leaving a corpse, rushed to the left and right in the array, did not give the army a chance to assemble, in a moment, the rear of the position has been completely collapsed.Xun yu nodded and motioned to the waiter to pass the bamboo paper to cao cao: "the first news, lombardi to yan liang as general, rate of hundreds of thousands of troops, advancing xu."唐人社原名美国十次|The siege of the army has been close to the wall a hundred paces away, but strangely, there is no reaction on the wall, but can hear the faint sound of the horn in the city.

唐人社原名美国十次|Account people nodded with a wry smile, three days and three nights of sleepless attacks, also let these people have a trace of fatigue."I agree with the patriarch." By Yang Wang 's side, A hao shuai laughed. "According to General Zheng Xi, We didn't lose anything, on the contrary, they can exchange things with the Han people, The General's Office will not be run, It will help us build the city, Plan and make effective use of the fertile soil around the White Water, We don't have to keep hiding in the mountains, under constant threat from beasts of prey, And general levy west also said, draw our military forces will pay, and the hands will not exceed our load, now levy west general do ask for us, but don't forget, on the battlefield, rapidly changing, if missed the fighters, when levy west general no longer need us, I'm afraid there will be no such excellent conditions. "A few also found wrong, began to warn loudly call harmony moment by the earth-shaking shout ShaSheng cover up.

"Withdraw!" Liu Bao bitter way, now, in addition to withdrawal, there is no other way to go, he believes, the angel of the king's court is now on his way to MuMa slope, not long will know the news, this battle is not fighting, although the central plains is good, but hetao is their foundation, anyway, can't have an accident."I'll see to it!" After all the hao Shuai bow down to promise, each left.唐人社原名美国十次|




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