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棕榈鹫|duleina"Lu bu's words, a word of nine tripod, words out of my mouth, naturally is not what joke." Lyu3 bu4 smile way: "I want to build a, originally want to deliver to you, but my son disposition impetuous, unbearable big use, so from beginning to end did not mention, today see, but have a difference, this matter can with you say.""Cut the horse sword? Jia xu took a look at Chen gong's long sword and his eyes flashed surprise. "this horse-cutting sword is designed for the royal family. It is hard and sharp.Learned that the crisis lifted, lu bu did not continue to travel, all the way, looking at the same as when just arrived in chang 'an general scene of xiliang, lu bu heart can not help but bitter sigh.

Time is a wonderful thing, when you don't have enough time to use, always feel time passed so fast, my son, no matter the past lives or this life lyu3 bu4, is a very wonderful feeling, more life suddenly a closest stranger, come so suddenly, but it is so natural, in the joy of such an hard time went by, watching children grew up day by day, every day the army camp came back, the first thing is sitting beside the sable cicada to tease her child in her arms, even some sable cicada jealousy lyu3 bu4 on children's favor, until a month later, The news that the system comes suddenly just lets lyu3 bu4 break away from the mood that is full of joy."Miss, did you send us along on purpose?" Zhou cang looked at lv lingqi and smiled sadly.Since after lyu3 bu4 to changan, mountain thief's life was not as happy as he used to be, lyu3 bu4 to previously, although the guanzhong land has become a wasteland, but these brigands bandits heaven, at that time didn't eat out stroll, times are tough, always not everyone not to eat and to drink, three auxiliary, but be subject to the jurisdiction of the court before, even if family dazu county has been the scourge of dong zhuo, guo li, there are always some escape the existence of a bullet.棕榈鹫|

棕榈鹫|Looking at things on both sides of the fire was closed, the huns also come as planned fleeing toward the east, from a distance, the two sides have been able to see their flag, corners of the mouth and took a cold smile, gave a wave of his hand, hundreds of soldiers were threw torches into the haystack, already prepared spread flames for an instant, the temperature of the hot, let the green wait for no man also can't help back a short distance.Chapter 19 publicity'a woman? King juyan wen yan sighed with relief, although now with xianbei friendly, but the great han dynasty, even after a hundred years, still has a strong deterrent in the hearts of countries in the western regions, at the moment when I heard that the western regions are a woman, slightly relieved, turned to look aside the xianbei envoy said: "general ugotan, you see... "

Jia xu could see this clearly, so music stood behind the scenes to give advice for lv bu, and therefore, he was deeply respected by lv bu, which even Chen gong, who had followed lv bu for the longest time, could not do."You mean liu bei?" Lu lingqi's face became strange."Han sui took some of the eight thousand soldiers in the chaotic army, and there were still many deserters. It was difficult to pursue them." "Said zhang liao.棕榈鹫|




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