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肇庆长城宽带电影网|阿尔法亚麻酸Lyu3 bu4's family affair, jia xu is dead also won't intervene even don't want to know, see lyu3 bu4 nod, then get up in a hurry to leave, see of lyu3 bu4 can't help some funny."Do you know the man beside you?" Dharma is indifferent.The battle of luoyang, though important, but as long as the branches in the hands of cao cao, whether want to do many of luoyang, j forces like a thorn stuck in there, to luoyang military forces did not dare to move, as for either success or failure, jingzhou army to break the luoyang natural is best, if can't, at least before dispose of the luoyang lyu3 bu4 army, liu table and cao cao was a ally.

"Brother, this traitor, he... "Zhang fei points to zhaoyun, complexion is ugly way.Lyu3 bu4 silence, long nodded a way: "wen and said, I also want to lead, but the text and ever wondered, our army is so strong, it is also because some, because of the army, has absolute control, if one day, the cloth is no longer in battlefield, flying will become a legend, JunWei will gradually disappear, at least for now, we can't let go of the absolute control of the army, after jiangshan stability in the future, I will in the behind the scenes, but not now."肇庆长城宽带电影网|Now pound filed out with the rest of his escort.

肇庆长城宽带电影网|Could it be that the border war has changed?"Wait a moment, general. The gate will be opened." The general bit his teeth and said, "open the door!"Lu bu always felt that there was something more to the camp, but he could not tell, for cao cao himself was also there. However, as a vassal, cao cao should not take himself as bait.

All the points after the two sides sit down, seibel eyes automatically ignore zhaoyun, he henton had several surface, although not familiar, but also recognize, but the man behind henton, the imposing manner, a proper lean gas, when a valiant soldier, but lu bu under Athens, seibel generally seen, yet I have not seen the man, is the moment to ask a way: "the strong man... "< / p > < p > cao cao took a look, was chang 'an intelligence, not doubt to look at guo jia, what is the relationship with chang 'an?"No." Leiter seriously look at liu2 bei4: "that is a matter of the CAI, rather than the master, master this, the first priority is to help win the CAI liu jingzhou relieving, if can defeat lyu3 bu4 nature is good, if not, the master will also when the relieving as far as possible in our own hands, only in this way, can truly control JingXiang nine liu jingzhou county and don't have to be taken by CAI."肇庆长城宽带电影网|




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