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文安警方报道|欧泉琳美白祛斑套装In addition to liu biao, only huang zhong could mobilize them. At the moment, when huang zhong gave an order, the 800 guards responded to the command, picked up their weapons, and immediately gathered around huang zhong.Turning head to see left and right, see no one to look here, just relieved tone: "you and I this under orders to come on business, don't come out of the mouth, bad master's event!""What are the governor's orders?" Liu bei opened his eyes and looked at CAI MAO.

"Well." Lv bu nodded his head. At that moment, there was a tremor in the forest. A dozen night owls and guards were pranced among the trees and several leaps came to lv bu.Putting down the letter paper in his hand, CAI MAO frowned and turned to look at his younger brother CAI zhong, saying, "second brother, where is the messenger of lv bu now?""Yun chang, I heard that lv bu's emissary has arrived in xiangyang. Then brother jingsheng must invite me to go with you." Liu bei looked at guan yu dao.文安警方报道|Chapter 84 situation and law

文安警方报道|"Alas ~" left ci see lv bu so determined, can only slightly a sigh, groped for a moment from the arms, took out a bamboo paper, hand a drag, in the eyes of everyone surprised, the bamboo paper floating to lv bu.Cao cao's eyes sank and he retreated to the central plains and annexed qingzhou. It still seemed to take advantage of the north, but it was equal to ceding the whole north to lu bu. However, lu bu gained the population of jizhou and monopolized ma yuan of the whole central plains, and cao cao did not know how to face the increasingly powerful lu bu in the future.

"Wen yuan, is this the first snow this year?" Looking at the camp was wrapped in a layer of silver scenery, lv bu some loss mumbles, last year at this time he is doing? This year's time seems very short, but also seems very long, happened too many things, many to a year ago memory has begun to blur.But qingzhou and jizhou are much richer than youzhou. Even if jizhou cannot get all of them, qingzhou is now almost the meat on cao cao's chopping block. It is the most urgent task to take and digest these places as soon as possible.When kong xin saw the bearer, he hurriedly saluted and said, "I have seen Mr. Kang cheng."文安警方报道|





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