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欧弟经纪人米果|瑞兔Quebec head and step root face a change, begging for volts this is the whole army, what do they want to do?"Bold cao thief, dare to hurt my soldiers!" In the desperation of chen xing, a burst of drinking, a team suddenly fight, the first will, eight feet tall, such as jujube, hand a thick back machete waving with a heavy sharp screaming sound, suddenly will coss army rushed away."I think it's a little short."

"No harm!" Falling in to grant secretly sigh, just now, not blame zhang he, shook his head and said: "d valiant, not with the enemy, lyu3 bu4 ride unparalleled, but unfavorable siege, our army now has the advantage of strong city, more hay, just stick to it, until its spirit is exhausted, is the time our army to break the enemy."Lyu3 bu4 and don't worry about whether the five thousand soldiers can adapt to the night battle, these three days, under the deliberate arrangement of lyu3 bu4, is almost all day fall out at night, has been used to the night march, biological clock, also in the three days of time, was reversed, this is the best state of the night battle.Chapter 43 Invitation欧弟经纪人米果|"He was born in the wrong place, if in the central plains, may be able to be a little governors. Lyu3 bu4 looked up, sneer at a way.

欧弟经纪人米果|"Of course not. If the king goes, the military forces of the king's court must all be taken away!" Lyu3 bu4 sink a track."Dare not obey orders!""Master, what can Kirby do?" Standing behind the sentence suddenly heard lyu3 bu4 suddenly called out the name of Kirby can, some doubts asked.

Lyu3 bu4 put down the document, looked at Jiang Xu said: "game may as well think from another angle."Gate, zhang he saw the lu bu army elite to go, a sink in the eye, copy up the carved bow, bow and arrow, aimed at the male broad sea is an arrow shot, the man a magic, martial arts even above himself, must be lyu3 bu4 side general, if you can leave him, also can break lyu3 bu4 arm."Son of a bitch! That wei yan is one of the earliest four world wars under lyu3 bu4 will, once defeated zhong yao under the bully, slay general cao peng, how can be nobody?" Xu chu dissatisfied stood up anger way.欧弟经纪人米果|




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