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e68|西安企业黄页"There's something for ford to do, not to monkey around with." Zhuge liang not good spirit of stare zhang fei dao.Chapter 63 the great breach of guan yu"Retreat! Scatter and retreat!" < / p > < p > look at a row of trained crossbow soldiers in the other side of the crossbow under the strong bow, even the opportunity to resist, xia houyuan can only continue to command the crossbow soldiers retreat, hope to withdraw from the range of the other side.

< / p > < p > with the command of cao cao, fifty thousand troops to the war, but see the flag sunning, like a forest of knives and guns, from a distance, like a black dragon to the tiger prison guan yi yi, xiao kill gas diffuse, is sun jing, liu xun, shi yi these nobles at the moment to see cao marching scene, can not help but color change."Uncle an, do you know the agent?" Zhou yu shook his head and suddenly asked in reply.Chapter 62 pound VS guan yue68|Yan shu, the method to promote the rule of law, was almost all in the shu dynasty, liu yan is alive, to balance family, yan also respected the Frenchman, liu yan died after milan to woo family, method of yan's status is unstable, and therefore, method of yan with the same less appealing zhangsong a good relationship.

e68|"Oh?" Wei yan frowns, do not understand of see pang tong: "what meaning?"Said, waiting for the public response, two fingers of the right hand without hesitation dug into their eyes, in the crowd's cry, the students will be a pair of eyes out.Originally, shi one just came to see the scene, and the position was quite safe, the other side shot a wave of crossbow arrow, and then hang up, and still led a taxi was directly nailed to death, which let the state envoy group heart kind of beep dog feeling.

"Yeah." Sun jing wen yan slightly one zheng, thought for a while, nodded his head: "or Mr. Gong da thought comprehensive, static ugly."Cao cao could not help but stare at this boy, who can see that this battle is difficult to fight, but you said it in front of so many people, this has not officially started the war, the morale of the vassal to such a sentence to fight.Governors officially blood on the second day, Liu Beizheng ready to say goodbye to cao cao, to preside over the fault off the war in Iraq, a drag often voice sounded in the calm of nahshon, rushed in a war, one knee tunnel: "master, tiger prison newspaper, lyu3 bu4 seibel, under ten thousand armies out of the city, as I xingyang nahshon, xiahou general already assembled troops, ready to fight."e68|




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