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不良笑花陈妍希|东莞黄页网"Yuan often, the master sent someone to send some property to lyu3 bu4, want to lyu3 bu4 this time also don't want to be enemy with master, just..." Country clutching a glass, frown thinking: "since the view of lyu3 bu4 out of xuzhou, great unusual, jia thought, when we increase the intelligence collection of the three auxiliary place, in the future our army and lyu3 bu4, there will be a big war!""Wen Hou!" Yang wang stood up, incredible looking at lyu3 bu4, Yang Xi is not talking, tonight, she is a prize, but she is not dissatisfied, in her concept, as the pearl of white water qiang, nature also only the strongest men deserve to have their own, lyu3 bu4 that condescending attitude, not only did not make her resent, but raised a faint shyness, dare not look at lyu3 bu4."Now that the sisters are awake, there is no need to disguise them." Looking at lyu3 bu4 left figure, the sable cicada sighed, twisting his head to the bed.

"Are you Zhang Ji?" Soon, under the active leadership of the defenders in the city, he yi saw both."Prepare to migrate." Sighed, lyu3 bu4 know, I'm afraid this migration will not be as gentle as the last time, but he must do so, he needs the population, the military forces in his hands, even if he put down hanoi, also do not have enough ability to extend his rule to hanoi side."I don't know, only know the number is huge, the huns five, I'm afraid all came." Shaken his head, lyu3 bu4 strive to put the boiling murderous atmosphere in his chest.不良笑花陈妍希|"Yes." Yang Xi nodded and hesitated. "I heard that Han Sui had colluded with South Xiongnu secretly. Now Han Sui is poor. If his husband pursues him, I am afraid he will lead South Xiongnu to Koubian."

不良笑花陈妍希|Marotta nodded and looked at them: "Add to this the surrender, seibel, zhang liao two general troops, I put the total force, but only less than thirty thousand people, the difference is still wide.""Let them drag on." Lyu3 bu4 don't care about the marching speed was slowed down in general, thought: "Let people take the weapons of the huns, tell them, to fight, will be sent to them.""Oh?" Lyu3 bu4 surprised to marotta: "don't tell me, cao cao really sent me hay."

With a seibel command, After the array of one thousand archers cold bow, arrows, strings and then let go, one thousand arrows quickly converge into a dense cloud in the air, in the air across an arc, with a sharp whistle, like endless rain, like the sky, in the not-so-spacious beach, played a desperate movement of death."It doesn 't matt who I am, as long as someone can take me in and turn around and leave." Lyu3 bu4 plain voice is extremely thick, in the quiet night sky, even let many people rang a buzz in their ears.Although Yang Wang admired sinology, just as qiang people, many things can't learn, if a han Chinese officials, I'm afraid not so straightforward inquiry.不良笑花陈妍希|




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