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被称为神的男人结局|骨刺消痛膏"This is ~" pungent smell pervaded the gate, but more soldiers in the other side did not continue to attack, began to roar up the ladder."What the hell is going on?" D eyebrows a wrinkle, sink a voice asked.Wei yan eyes flashed, however, these scouts, are lyu3 bu4 side of the elite selected, each can be one to ten, now in face-to-face situation, was a knife lean, wei yan asked himself can also do, but can do this, in lyu3 bu4 army is not much.

The most let call hutch springs humiliated is now, he still doesn't know this suddenly appeared in the hetao of the han people exactly what origin."Khan, our messenger has been sent, believe it won't be long, the army will return, then, will let the han people have come back, confess for today's sin against me the huns!" A xiongnu general looked at restless call kitchen spring, exhorted."Less than two thousand cavalry, big break hou twenty thousand troops, also array chop hou, master I is day will also." Chen Xingwen speech, can not help but sigh a way, the rest of the general is also excited.被称为神的男人结局|Dark night, he man with men can't detect zhong yao they left traces, has been chasing after xinfeng, until met wei yan on the road.

被称为神的男人结局|"Your Majesty is wise!" RiLe thought about it, had to admire ZuoXianWang means, hesitated for a moment, looked at ZuoXianWang way: "The other four, want to secretly contact, if you can move forward and retreat together, may be able to take advantage of Korea hence and lyu3 bu4 lose-lose, at one fell swoop to win the whole west cool!"Lyu3 bu4 should also have understood his situation, just don't know, how will he live?At this point, Korea hence will tonight things over, in the heart can't help but regret, after all, or their carelessness, although know lyu3 bu4 can't let their unified west cool, will certainly go to war, but didn't expect lyu3 bu4 unexpectedly willing to send his chief counselor to the front.

On the wall, looking at d before the army left the cold eyes, liang xing only feel a cold, suddenly a regret in the heart, he will d offended too dead, just things have come to this point, regret has been useless, for now, must cut the roots!"If Liu Bei, Sun Ce, perhaps useless, but lyu3 bu4 …" Zhong Yao sneered: "A man, brave and unresourceful people, this meter is enough."This series of actions quickly, didn't give d too much reaction time, in seibel, play quite beautiful, d retreat ji county now, but around regionalization, ping-xiang, guo and other key places, are controlled by korean hence, in seibel, ji county is not to keep, d's best way out, is to withdraw troops to Linjing area.被称为神的男人结局|





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