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gvg 135|英国卫裤正品But see dozens of canoe although is not big, but the speed is very fast, but light kung fu tea, into the crowd, draw a boat ship, this time wearing a helmet with armour, hands on the handle, surroundings, ships have to dock, at the foot of a stride go ashore, to the three people a hand way: "something out on the road, this time to late, miss pardon."For lv bu, the hussars camp was his front, just like cao cao's tiger and leopard riding, which was the ace fighting power in lv bu's hand, while the night owl camp was the hidden arrow of lv jia in the dark, once attacked, it must be the rock breaking the sky, and it was also the embryonic form of lv bu to supervise the world's intelligence agencies in the future."Take a simple example, today I hit you in the face, tomorrow you die, this may be my overhand, according to the law when sentence, but if ten years later you die, also want to blame me?" Lv bu smiled.

Chapter 77 withdrawalWhat's more, it is liu guan zhang this kind of one heart wants to do a career to be met with a wall again and again however, the person that half lives, no matter be liu bei or guan zhang at the moment 2 will even liu bei hand a few member wu jiang come to listen to the news that two many months come from the front line, although do not say, but in the heart face is like ant to climb however same.Liu2 bei4 complexion becomes ugly rise, the thing was far beyond his expectation, lv ling3 qi3 actually tough come to this, let him dare not believe more, still zhaoyun is in this juncture, for a woman, true heel they knife and gun face to face.gvg 135|"I... "Zhang fei's scold, suddenly felt a sense of crisis, followed by two long shot up general bolt, zhang fei looked at the big surprised, also can not consider again scold, when eight snake spear forward to find out, only to hear ding-ding two, two giant arrow struck to fly, he is so, but the arms were a burst of pins and needles, dare not to continue to say, hurriedly on horseback to return to the array.

gvg 135|Two hundred officers and soldiers, to eighty thousand jingzhou army, natural is nine cattle a hair, but the shock caused, but the morale of the jingzhou army directly to play the fragments, numerous jingzhou army looking at the huge crossbow outside, the heart of an indescribably fear, the world has such a terrible weapon, that battle how to fight?"Well, the slaves, I'll take them." Lv bu nodded, looking at zhang liao: "wen yuan, you immediately set off, rushed to hetao to preside over the war, when to go into battle, I will let the hawk will send information to you, hetao army, ready to stand by, make the day, the army into youzhou, not wrong!""Be." Zhen shi lower the head to promise 1, accompany lv bu to finish eat meat congee just docile carry bowl chopsticks to leave.

"Back to the commanding officer, those emissaries of lv bu had news. They were still in jiangxia. Last night, they launched a sudden rebellion and killed the general who had stayed in e county, lu xiong."< / p > < p > before the camp, almost all is the step army, you know, lu bu but brought eight thousand cavalry, high can not feel the other side of such a successful raid, lu bu cavalry will be honest in the camp."Death row! Guan yu was so angry that he abandoned the magnificent sea and killed the young general. Although his right shoulder was wounded by the meteor hammer, he could not make a force for a moment, but his left arm was intact.gvg 135|




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