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国家宝藏3上映时间sowang"What are you afraid of? There are only five hundred of them. Kill them!" A family general saw morale should be XiongKuoHai exclaim to pressure down, not great anger, drank hard, when the gun rushed to XiongKuoHai first, in this case, must break XiongKuoHai that morale suppression."Jingzhou?" Wei Yanwen speech can not help but startled way, what is it about jingzhou? Suddenly: "master sent troops to jingzhou?"Guan Yu's face was calm and he didn't say a word until he returned to his camp, where he almost fell to the ground. Xing Daorong said this and hurriedly stepped forward to help him. "General," he said, "but he's not feeling well."

"Oh ~" Ma Su directly uttered a sneer, to show his disdain."That's not, but general zhang said before, is at the end of the will remember the south of the brute people, heard that there is a rattan armor, soaked in tung oil for many years, invulnerable, into the water is not sink, if you can have this armor to help, why fear the guanzhong crossbow?" Yan yan sighed.Doubt zhuge liang taught zhang fei another way, shield array, no matter how he changed, shield around, and then stabbed in with weapons, simple rough but effective, of course, if there is enough troops.国家宝藏3上映时间"No way!" Wu Jin unbelieving look to the outside of the account, but see a general with a head in, to lu zheng bowed down: "less master, wu jin troops have been defeated by our army, thief head wu chao has ambush, the rest are down."

国家宝藏3上映时间Wei yan and zhang fei at the same time a black face, zhuge liang shook his head, light shaking feather fan, and pang tong is generous sitting on the table and chair zhuge liang has prepared."Or, how about we attack directly? In fact, as long as there are two generals Xie Yun and Li Hun, we are enough to break the secretariat office." Zhao home owner zhao hong frown way.Chapter one hundred and nine retreat

"Here!" QinWei smell speech, didn't ask, hurriedly quit, and ChengFang hurried to see lu zheng."This Guan Yu unexpectedly so treacherous!" He Qiwen speech face is also a change.But in nanyang, pound is met with resistance.国家宝藏3上映时间




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