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乔纳森 袁|又木黑糖果冻Wang tired smell speech, all over a shiver, look at liu zhang, finally suddenly ha ha a smile stood up, solemnly to liu zhang a worship: "please forgive my incompetence, the Lord confessed things, I really can not obey, please allow me to return home."Commander! Participate in a few jiangdong soldiers cry, kneel down in zhou yu has begun to stiff body around."Honking! Seibel glanced at by jun bodies, there are two thousand of his sword and shield, let out a sigh in the heart, look at the direction of the jun, the men of the manipulation of the broken crossbows power are used up and down again and casualties will aggravate, dynamic jun has lost momentum, the power of this new weapons tried again, already did not need to continue here with jun screwing.

"Presumptuous! Guan yu's eyes narrowed and sneered, "now you are the only one left in the four court pillars of hebei. I think that the four court pillars of hebei are no longer necessary.""Drag these rotten logs to the back for kaesong!" Hear outside the gate again sound of dull crash sound, magnificent sea cold hum 1, let a person pull those wooden beast away, the gate is opened again."How do I know that the Lord brought it from the western regions to be used as oil?" Pound shook his head, but he did not understand. Turning to the crowd, he said, "take some of the whole ones back and show them to the Lord.乔纳森 袁|The most direct effect of liu bei's act was to sow the seeds of distrust in the minds of his subordinates. Even if liu bei at the moment redistributed the land to a large family, the seeds could not be destroyed in a short time.

乔纳森 袁|"General, go! Xing daorong saw guan yu want to separate the crossbow car, straight into the enemy army, scared, hurriedly pulled guan yu, not unprepared, not shield, say less also have thousands of crossbows on this side, guan yu is again severe, rushed out is also a dead end."Damn it! Xia hou yuan li drank 1, twist a head way: "crossbow hand, suppress!""All right, Fred, you come with me." Zhuge liang shook his head and walked back with ford.

As seibel commanded, semaphore hit, from seibel army, suddenly out of a row of soldiers armed with a large shield, no other weapons, the soldiers had only a shield, only this shield is different from ordinary round shield, but a rectangle, is higher than a man, there are two full refers to the thickness of shield, as the whole military communication down, quickly in seibel type line, shield array, a row of strong men armed with strong GongJin crossbow hide shield soldiers, after jun see no shield array.All the people then remembered, ling bao alsoChapter 71 the undercurrent east of the river"But faxiaozhi has the ability to defeat 100,000 troops!" Pang tong clapped his hands and sneered.乔纳森 袁|




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