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002852娇点养巢丰胸"Not necessarily." Guan yu looked at the cable of the handsome flag, cold hum 1, lyu3 bu4 YuanMen ji distance than this far, and zhaoyun archery is also not under tardif.Xing Daorong just came back to reinstate, then heard the outside cry, his face is not difficult to look, and look at guan yu, a red face seems to have no change, but if you look carefully, you will find that guan yu's face is much more ruddy than usual.Looking at the content of the letterhead, although it was expected, but liu bei still feel a bitter intended to echo in the mouth, shu, finally failed to take it down?

If there is no lyu3 bu4, cao cao natural music sit see liu bei and sun quan, but now the situation is different, lyu3 bu4 new shu, has no room for governors fight, liu bei has made an advantage, sun quan lost, even if liu bei can't digest jiangdong for a while, but also enough to help him contain the west, let cao cao can face lyu3 bu4."I am general fu kou chengdu, wang shuang, xie yun rebellion, already fu zhu, read you and so on is its subordinates, by its coercion, not to pursue, and there is resistance, kill without pardon!""General, the enemy has fired rockets! I wonder if there is any fraud!" Xing Daorong came to guan yu, see jiangdong camp, a rocket soared, not without worry.002852But if liu bei lost, don't say defeat and not dead, even if liu bei completely lost, and sun quan is willing to join forces with cao cao against lyu3 bu4, a group of water army generals ran to land with lyu3 bu4 guanzhong elite play, is it possible?

002852This is YangMou, pinched the weakness of zhuge liang, to storm here, zhuge liang even know it is meter, also had to be led away by pang tong, because he can't afford to spend."Any questions?" Pang tong looked at wei, asked.

Just to the next morning, guan yu there is still not slow to start the day's day-to-day, still no offensive meaning."Why does the old general sigh? But what's wrong?" Zhuge liang puzzled to yan yan."Men, meritorious service is today, with me to kill!" Tardif and zhou taihe soldiers, at the same time launched an attack on the city, before Xing Daorong arrangement of the line of defense was easily washed away.002852





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