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冯晓文三级lumeimeiThe new day does not have too many changes, after yesterday's lively, people still stay in their homes, this year's winter is not easy, even if the rich people in addition to more than bed broths, multiple stoves, most of the means against the cold is relatively backward, also make such a year, there will be a lot of people frozen to death.

"Kill!""Quick, shoot the cows! A lot of the commander of the xiongnu yelling loud, pentium horse has completed the charge, thirty thousand fighters at a draught pressure, even want to stop at the moment, also don't, someone holding the bow and arrow, to shoot these have been crazy fire burning flame of cattle, but cattle at the moment the fire has been burning scorching burning mad and the pain of JianCu, far cannot be compared with the flame burning behind them, make them more crazy."Then why am I still tied up?" Pang tong's uncomfortable way.冯晓文三级In lyu3 bu4 heart, the most suitable for staying behind or pound, but PangDeYou general information, has gradually exposed the general wind, stay in the rear, underused, lyu3 bu4 handed in the rear of the defense task so Gideon, Gideon both martial arts and the art of war, cannot be compared with lyu3 bu4 under does admiral, but do not represent the mediocre, at the beginning when RuNa follow lyu3 bu4, first by seibel elected to lead the camp, was promoted to army after hou, along the way, although not brilliant performance, but the compasses, who delivered to his task, can be well done, steadily promoted all the way, although no home, but with accumulate over a long period, Step by step was promoted to a general, assisted han DE in charge of the city guard.

冯晓文三级"Gong da, willing to gamble concede defeat, today I move to your side live how?" Guo jia looked at xun you with a smile.First zero king see shape complexion a change, the king of the slaughter is really moved to kill, want to swallow the wealth of the people of the month, the moment pulled the Wolf qiang king, but here the slaughter of the king of the camp, shen voice way: "can't be you to pick first, this is our bottom line, it is no good, temporarily stop.'call, miss! Four female soldiers were shocked by pang tong's words and immediately showed their happiness. Before pang tong had any reaction, two female soldiers, one left and one right, pulled pang tong's skirt and ran out.

Just such an idea, before showing any results, even if lu bu said, no actual combat, also does not show anything.Lu bu's voice sank, and the three hundred hussars did not continue to shoot. He quickly put the crossbow on his horse, mounted it, and picked up the rhubarb crossbow."You...... "Juyan king gaped at lv lingqi, see the other side eyes sweep, a butt sitting on the chair, along while unable to speak.冯晓文三级




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