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花生米价格聚优汇"Then we …" Wei Yan stared at Pang Tong, puzzled, "why send troops?""Kill ~" behind him, there are a few QinWei rushed out together."General, no, the garrison in the east of the city couldn't get out! It was surrounded by Jiangdong thieves!" West of the city, guan yu assembled military forces will be out of the city, a soldier rushed up loudly.

The men who stopped the chase quickly picked up the untrampled crossbow from the ground, Started shooting at the enemy, dense arrows rain shot again, this time, jingzhou army is almost mowed grass harvested, zhang fei angrily, want to stabilize the army, but also helpless, watched these have been frightened soldiers shot by the enemy, and he also had to be carried away by the rebels retreat.After so many iterations, Two people finally helplessly found that, The so-called conspiracy, It's kind of bullshit in this situation, Finally honestly returned to the most fundamental battlefield, Then a new round of fighting began, Zhuge liang put out eight arrays, pang tong to river tuoluo book, set up a return to hiding array, zhuge liang is superior to the array, and pang tong is weak, but it is not difficult to break the array, again to draw, but let the method of watching is amazing to the ability of two people, nearly two hundred thousand troops, in the hands of two people are about to play and flowers.But this is a good opportunity for ma, undoubtedly, the fall of lyu3 bu4 shu will, mostly from a family, only, of the six people, only two are from the humble family, lyu3 bu4 sense of belonging is strongest, but it doesn't matter, as long as the other four camps, the two want to do not agree.花生米价格Chapter one hundred and fifteen tracing the cause of the troops

花生米价格"You are old!" Tardif sneer at 1, again urged the horse."Not necessarily." Guan yu looked at the cable of the handsome flag, cold hum 1, lyu3 bu4 YuanMen ji distance than this far, and zhaoyun archery is also not under tardif."Whew! Whew!"

"Master, at the end of any case, please allow will play, cao cao military forces don't learn to water war, as long as you can back the guan yu, MAO jie's army, also dare not rashly across the river, so this war, must be quick!" Tardif a fuels, please life again.Guan yu sword sink horse fast, a knife cut out, often let a person feel between heaven and earth only that a long knife, and tardif martial arts, crescent ji sharp rotation, with a fluffy ji cloud, don't fall the wind."Kwan general Ann?" Huang Zhong will kill Jiangdong military forces scattered, And no chase, turned and dismounted, But see more than a dozen soldiers will guan yu dead in the middle, at the moment see huang zhong to come over, just let go of a way, huang zhong hurriedly went to see, but see guan yu face although gray, but the arrow is not enough to kill, not from a slight sigh of relief, he was ordered to rescue guan yu, if there is something wrong with guan yu, liu bei there is not good to explain.花生米价格




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