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口述真实乱过程|破石机Deyang county towers, is looking at the war situation with thousands of miles of mirror pang tong in see this pretty soldiers appeared, will know that zhuge liang is absolutely against wei the elite soldiers."Pick up the crossbow and shoot!"Luoyang city, around the hot discussion of the news, and lyu3 bu4 as a party, but sat in the hall of a title of generals in ancient times, looking at a group of red-faced officials for the king.

"Will retire at the end of the day." Although I don't know why, but has been used to this way of saying and doing things, zhuge liang also dare not ask again, after saying goodbye, their retreat.On the other side, Tracing the cause with zhou tai followed tardif, After chasing guan yu, but met tardif routed troops, know tardif death, guan yu life and death don't know the news, tracing the cause of the change, hurriedly brought people back, but which still have the shadow of jingzhou army, the ground is a mess, everywhere are corpses, in the corpse, zhou tai suddenly sent a cry, but found tardif's corpse.Chapter one hundred and nineteen wei口述真实乱过程|"You..." Ma Annoyed look to lu zheng, he was a ten-year-old kid in IQ despised.

口述真实乱过程|Looked at a bunch of scholars here to fight red-faced, a word is quotation, there is no certain literature lyu3 bu4 actually quite boring, but had to make a serious listen to the appearance, lest people say there is no dignified."Cloud long soldiers sharp, but jiangdong talent can't be underestimated, now lu su contracted forces, I'm afraid it is to fight back." Cao Cao leaned back in his chair, squeezed his brows, and thought, "Order MAO Jie to attack Jianye. Liu Bei, don't lose!"And Chen to, guan ping's death, for Liu Bei, The same blow is not small, but two strong, Chen to needless to say, guan ping to follow guan yu for many years, guan yu a martial arts, has learned 70%, now owe, just heat, over time, even less than guan yu, also enough to stand alone, quite liu bei loved, just now, so quietly killed by tardif, let liu bei how willing.

Ma is curious, although hostile, but now lyu3 bu4 but sit firmly in the world's first governors, he naturally also want to know how the infamous in the scholar, but the legendary figure of life is how to evaluate themselves, nodded: "listen to me."Qua city, tardif and zhou tai nature also found guan yu's intention, nature can't let guan yu, each with a military forces, from both sides will guan yu's garrison stopped in the east of the city.Zhuge liang smell speech, silently nodded, if the rattan armor is really so fierce, to it as a surprise, but can harvest wonders.口述真实乱过程|




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