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一切皆因你而关注iso20001Tracing the cause on horseback, As he look along that road, but in my heart I couldn 't help sighing, Early he had mentioned with lv meng, jiangxia, don't have to rush, can be firm and clear, led liu bei to attack, rely on the city to consume liu bei forces, but unfortunately, lv meng revenge, don't listen to people, coupled with being washed away by victory, despise the enemy rashly, eventually led to wood mulberry elite, guan yu break jiangdong, otherwise why?"Hey ~" Wei Yan sneer at 1, also don't nonsense, a wave of his hand directly, instantly hundreds of arrows toward zhang fei."I have given up my men once, must not give up again, otherwise, in the future, and what face to see those who died for me!" Guan Yu said this firmly, looking coldly at tardif closer and closer, snapped: "soldiers, all stand up for me, we are soldiers, behind the scars, is a disgrace to the soldiers!"

Just master's red hare these years also old, after the war in shu, offer to master.In fact, this defeat, We can't all blame Guan Yu, After all, at that time Guan Yu was trying to hold on to his tired body and take down the tune. after capturing the city, It is hard not to relax, Plus the weakness, Depressed, entrusted the city defense to Xing Daorong, Forgot that Quoaben was the harbor city, along the Linjiang River, There's not much defense, If he is in good spirits, did not appear tired, even if the same water war, can also see the shortcomings, so as to find a way to fortify, but Xing Daorong, after all, combat experience is not rich enough, did not timely notice, such as guan yu aware of the wrong time, simply did not have time to re-layout, was zhou tai easily burst into the city, let him into a difficult situation of domestic and foreign affairs.Guan yu is weak, a tardif has made him tired, now tardif and zhou tai to attack, is the peak state of guan yu on the two may not be able to play, what's more, now weak, fight a few close, then feel powerless, rely on the horse, turn around and go.一切皆因你而关注Blood began to diffuse in front of the barracks, imagined the situation also did not appear in the eyes of zhang fei, the guanzhong army after throwing away the crossbow, morale was not the slightest low, but exceptionally fierce, two military forces hit in one place, hidden, instead is his five thousand soldiers have been divided.

一切皆因你而关注"General, when will the water army leave?" Tracing the cause of the side, milan see landing the cause of the delay did not send water army, not some anxious asked."Hmm?" Wei yan after all is also a veteran of the battlefield, zhang fei that horrible opportunity to kill nature was also felt, looked up, saw zhang fei roared rushed over, a tight heart, but at the moment, can't tolerate him to retreat."Yan yan general hurt in the body, not suitable for the war, then sit for our army rear, I rate wing Germany, sand mo ke, close to meet them." Zhuge liang looked at yan yan, wen said.

"Won't Shi Yuan also bring people? General Wei and his elite, bright early heard, see today, really well-trained, if not more people, say no, bright tonight will have to spend the night in Deyang City."In the fierce battle between the two sides, Deyang county gate again wide open, Wei Yan led the audience elite oblique fight."General, master let you bring people into the city, encircling and suppressing the guanzhong military forces!" The servant bowed down.一切皆因你而关注




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