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ailete426|紧固器"Congratulations to the host, who has been upgraded to the five-star level of physical fitness and acquired the talent of physical fitness -- body gyi.""Crack-da-~" suddenly came a cold touch on his face. Lv bu frowned at the water stain on his hand and looked at it.The snow was broken up with a strange scream, and after shooting a distance, a muffled sound mixed with screams came, which was not too far away.

"That's a big one. Come with me. Carry this on your back." < / p > < p > lu lingqi saw the ugly youth one eye, he can not think of a time now what way, as the letter of this guy, also see what ability."When did I promise you? Lv bu glaring way."All protect back before, also hope juyan king can wait patiently, I will protect the safety of the king. Zhaoyun indifferent way.ailete426|"No matter who he is, he will hold the river tao in his hands in the spring of next year. At that time, no matter who wins or loses, we will have enough capital to compete with him." Lv bu gropes for the halberd of the square day painting in the hand, the touch of ice-cold comes from the finger, the heart is quite halcyon however.

ailete426|Not a long way to walk a full hour to finish, this is probably red rabbit life, the most painful journey."Thank wen and brother to introduce more." Fa yan nodded his thanks. Even though he was asking for help from others, his face was very rigid. Normal people were really difficult to get along with.A strong man took the huge horn off his back and blew it with his chin.

His plan succeeded, the huns initiative to give out large tracts of land, let the arrogant guy thought the huns unintelligent, and then just as dostie expected, tu man snaked through the rouzhi roamed from west cool back last year's financial, those are lyu3 bu4 as reward, let the rouzhi roamed back, also let the rouzhi roamed all through the winter, there appears to be less than the huns for fear of cases, these people finally began the infighting.Three hundred regiments of hussars came after lu bu, and every one of them leaned slightly on his side. His saber did not make too many splashes."Flying general." General some excitement way: "three days ago, flying general captured the slaughter of each of the old camp, the king of the slaughter of the news, the rate of military return, but was flying general ambushed on the way, the king of the slaughter died on the spot in the chaos of the army, slaughter everyone from this, just Wolf qiang and first zero qiang, has sent gifts, and we to solve the grievances.ailete426|





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