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河北巨婴降生上海袋式除尘配件有限公司"We are struggling, the enemy also can not afford to consume, siege of the loss of more than twice the guarding city. Seibel hands have been curled knife throw away, wiped the blood on the face, sink a track: "ready to put arrows!""I hope to see Meng De's sincerity, also hope Meng De don't let me wait too long. Lyu3 bu4 stood up, looked at chen qun, smiled and said: "if yuan cao war, cloth has not got what he wants, then I will personally carry the troops out of the customs, to xuchang to the son of heaven, XiongKuoHai, send long text to leave.""You are d?" Lyu3 bu4 looked at the young man in front of him, handsome bright with a fierce spirit, recalcitrant eyes, twinkling like a wolf's eyes, full of wild and publicity, can not help but nodded satisfactorily: "Yes, is a tiger, but willing to work for me?"

And to compare with the last time Nanyang deliberated out of the decision-making, more perfect, make up for a lot of shortcomings, can be seen, lyu3 bu4 these days in the march found many drawbacks summarized out."Open the door?" Zhang both eyes flashed a cold awn, suddenly drew a sword, a sword into each other's chest, in each other's astonished eyes, a dead body will be pushed away.Marten was blue with iron. He looked at Chengtou. He needed to make a fuss of it. His voice roared with anger, "Han Sui, get out of here!"河北巨婴降生"The thief will leave, leaving his life behind!" A rough roar, cao peng has rushed over with the troops, see wei yan, immediately red eyes, roared, and killed at the forefront.

河北巨婴降生A few steps to Hua Tuo front, d some excited way: "Sir, how is the iron brother?"For a long time, marotta looked up and looked at lyu3 bu4 with complicated eyes, but refused to concede: "wen hou these years to travel to the central plains, but honed a pair of good eloquence.""Oh?" Seibel thick eyebrow a porch, stretched out his hand to take the bamboo paper open, glance at the bamboo paper in a hurry to browse again, mouth can not help but smile.

Giffin heart a move, looked at Yang Wangdao: "Brother Yang, before Xu went up the mountain, see the warriors in the family are injured, I do not know why?"Two people smell speech can't help frowning, this time to bing, to put it bluntly just look at lyu3 bu4, but no war, watching the central plains war, but he stayed behind to see lyu3 bu4, calculate up, some not very cost-effective, smell speech all no longer make a sound.河北巨婴降生




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