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mika kayama|二手前四后四货车"This...... "The school captain unconscious turn a head to see side, the mighty sea fierce a stare, take out a plank axe to shine on the city wall top to fling past:" where rat, cower!"In the crowd, a general galloped out, a wild goose feather armour in the moonlight, but at the moment it was like water to look at yuan shang, a fist, shen said: "three childe, surrender! If there is anything to do, go to the Lord's grave!"Guan yu's face was cold and he did not speak, but he was standing in front of zhaoyun. Liu bei shook his head and said, "zi long, such a woman is not a good match. Wing DE, don't kill her."

"He has not yet reached chang 'an and is now in luoyang to assist gao shun in fighting the enemy. However, he has persuaded jiang dong to send troops to attack jingzhou. Chen gong nodded and smiled and said, "congratulations to the Lord, the lady has also come back, and the Lord has brought two generals.""Thanks for the tie." Thinking, yuan shang has brought people over, formally salute to thank cao cao, no matter how to think in the heart, after all, others helped themselves, etiquette is sure to thank, otherwise spread out, yuan shang also what reputation?If this war can destroy the gaoshun army, break the letter valley pass, straight into chang 'an is good!mika kayama|"Rumble ~"

mika kayama|Jia xu smell language light sigh, silently nodded, no longer advised.If really is very beautiful, says the sable cicada is fallen down to earth, having, that this woman is the fairy of heaven, pure spotless, not to say that is much more beautiful than the sable cicada, the sable cicada, is the charm of a mature woman, while the female clear let people could not bear to hurt, lyu3 bu4 can not help but subconsciously shout: "the north has beauty, beautiful and independent!"As for yuan shang, from the moment when yuan tan died in battle, he was doomed to tragedy. Neither cao cao nor lu bu could let yuan shang leave the battlefield alive.

'stand down! Cao cao shouted again."Quick, inform the ferries to assemble this way! Light up!" Even if there is no water war, guo yuan can see that the ship is formidable, to a large extent has reduced the adverse factors of water war to the maximum."Lord, this man named xiongkuohai, is a fierce general under the tent of lv bu, once in runan and zhang fei fought, a tie. Xu huang shen sound way, he and guan yu relationship is not bad, guan yu in xu, had talked about the world with guan yu military affairs, had heard the man.mika kayama|




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